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Api restauration x Dastra

Api restauration x Dastra

The three strong points of Dastra that seduced Api!

We asked Anaïs Bourbon, DPO of API Restauration, to explain the choices that led her to choose Dastra and what the platform brings to managing RGPD compliance.

Can you introduce yourself and API Restauration?

I am Anaïs Bourbon, DPO of API Restauration since September 2019. A lawyer by training, I am in charge of ensuring GDPR compliance in the company. Api Restauration is a family business of collective catering multi sectors (early childhood, education, medico-social sector, company).

What are the data protection issues at API?

Data protection is essential for the company.

One of the main challenges is to secure B2B relationships with our clients and partners. This implies to accompany the teams in their operational needs. operational needs.

We are developing internal communication tools: establishing a Privacy by design logic is essential.

Why did you choose Dastra?

We needed an agile and functional tool to meet our needs. Dastra seems to be the most complete solution on the market.

The quality/price ratio and the availability of Dastra's staff were determining factors in our choice.

We also want to work with a French startup to support the French economy. This was a risk factor but Dastra's fundraising reassured us. In addition, since the RGPD arrived in 2018, it is only natural that the tools are recent.

In our choice, we were able to have a lot of exchanges with the teams. What seduced us the most: the ease of the language used. The tool is affordable for non-initiated people.

How did the support with Dastra go?

The Dastra team was very available and responsive. Dastra's support was provided over several sessions with pedagogy and professionalism. Their teams were able to adapt easily to our way of working.

Getting to grips with the platform is very easy because the tool is intuitive and simple. For example, it is very easy to add collaborators for cooperative work and to manage authorizations.

What benefits does API Restoration get from using Dastra?

Dastra allows us to keep records in a simple and clear way, to easily update the treatments. We can do audits quickly and efficiently, whether it's for compliance, privacy by design or DPIAs. The added bonus is audit customization. We can change the questions and the types of answers expected.

We have an inbound widget for rights exercise requests that allows us to easily process requests.

Action planning allows us to gain efficiency on compliance and easily pull out the necessary KPIs. It allows us to know the status of compliance, the actions to be taken or those pending.

In addition, changes are tracked via a history, which is an undeniable advantage which is an undeniable advantage compared to what we used to do in Excel (we no longer make a version of the register).

An advice?

Data protection is nowadays an important issue for companies. Implementing its principles has become essential!

Thank you Anaïs Bourbon!

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