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Privacy document management becomes a pleasure

No more contractual clauses scattered across mailboxes and drives... Centralize them from now on, and make sure they are renewed every year.

Generate contractual documents from the Dastra register

Generate contractual documents from the Dastra register

Do you need to edit a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) or a Standard Contractual Clause? Dastra fully automates this process, offering you several dynamic templates that enable you to generate legal documents in just a few clicks, drawing on data from the Dastra register (stakeholders, assets, treatments, transfers, etc.). This reduces the risk of data entry errors, and ensures that your documents are compliant.

Turn your e-mails into contracts with associated attachments

Our email connector will enable you to automatically collect contracts from your suppliers without having to enter a contract in Dastra.

Automate process steps

Assign contracts to your teams, set up customized workflow rules

Generate contractual documents from the Dastra register

Manage contract stakeholders efficiently

No more complex signature collection processes, once your document is ready, simply send them to your partners with a single click

Assign signatories to your contract

Assign signatories to your contract

Your contracts will be associated with one or more stakeholders that you will be able to find in your processing register repository. Make sure that each stakeholder has an associated DPA.

Manage electronic signatures

Associate your contracts with stakeholders and run document signature campaigns. We integrate natively with Docusign!

Make sure your subcontractors have an up-to-date DPA

Link and manage your subcontractors' contractual clauses and other contracts directly from Dastra's processing register. Quickly identify subcontractors who do not have a DPA.

Assign signatories to your contract

A small step for DPOs, a big step for data protection is free to try, easy to set up, and work seamlessly together.

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