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Software for DPO

Exercise your advisory and control mission simply and effectively

Useful and powerful piloting indicators

Drive your processes in an efficient way!

Using a quality and risk level indicator, you prioritize the actions you need to take to achieve a good level of compliance

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Expertise at your fingertips

Don't miss out on the latest obligations and consolidate your expertise!

We provide you with the legal, technical and organisational expertise necessary to help you in your mission.

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An effective response to the accountability requirement

Focus on the essentials

Don't waste any more time creating complex documentation, focus on your core mission, advising and monitoring treatment actions.

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A unique data model and links between treatments

End Excel spreadsheets

Managing treatment records is tedious and complex. End Excel spreadsheets and update and change your treatments with one click.

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Automate your audits and impact assessments

Control and save time on a daily basis

Do regular audits that are tailored to your structure. Validate treatment projects in a privacy by design logic.

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Embark on your organization in agility

Control and save time on a daily basis

With simple, intuitive software, you ask operations to document the processes that frame personal data. Thanks to Dastra, informing and following the treatment sheets to many becomes a breeze.

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Visual mapping of treatments and referential piloting

Do data mining

Go beyond the simple requirements of the RGPD and put your expertise to the benefit of the company.

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Start from the existing

Import your existing Excel registry directly into the tool

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Synchronize your repositories, define your workflows, import templates!

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Manage complex organizations and teams. Everything is done for collaboration: notification centre, delegation of tasks, audits with several respondents...

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Track all the basic metrics of your activity using the dashboard built into the app


Discover our set of features

Simple and effective data processing record management

With Dastra, don't waste time on registry filling audits. Use predefined processing templates according to your industry and use our simple and guided registry editing interface. The system will allow you to export the registry in many formats: API, Sharelinks, PDF, Excel, Article 30 ...

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Automate the management of rights exercises in your organization

Simply create and manage requests for rights requirements by following your own workflow. Dastra automates the request collection phase using a widget that can be easily integrated into your privacy policy page

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A project management board in agile mode

Thanks to a simple and customizable workflow that evolves all your compliance actions by dragdrop, create and visualize daily in collaboration with all your employees throughout their evolution with Dastra's planning tool. Import, monitor, enrich, and export your action plan with ease, save time and serenity on a daily basis, and focus on the essentials!

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Track your company's compliance metrics

Dastra's dashboard allows you at a glance to view all the metrics of your compliance: register completion rate, number of tasks or rights exercises being processed

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Record and track your data breaches simply

Reference all the information of your violations using the simple and intuitive editor. Then export your violations in all formats

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Manage and audit your vendors in a centralized directory

Dastra will easily allow you to bulk import and manage the complete list of your subcontractors. It will then be very simple to fill them in at the level of the processing register without redundancy of input. The integrated audit system will allow you to easily audit the risks related to your subcontractors.

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We are helping organization in many different sectors or sizes

The DPO's Mission

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced the key position of Data Protection Officer (DPO) in organizations, conferring crucial responsibility for ensuring compliance and protecting the privacy of individuals. I

n this article, we'll explore the critical role of the DPO and how GDPR software makes it easier to accomplish this complex mission.

1. The DPO: Guardian of Confidentiality

The DPO acts as the guardian of personal data within the company. Its main task is to ensure that all data processing activities comply with the principles of the GDPR.

This includes:

  • Raising awareness among teams
  • Process Auditing
  • Managing stakeholder requests regarding the privacy of their data.

2. The Responsibilities of the DPO

The Data Protection Officer is responsible for advising the organisation on data protection issues, overseeing compliance, cooperating with supervisory authorities and training staff.

Using specialist DPO RGPD software makes it easier to request the exercise of rights, manage consents, store and manage data breaches and many other day-to-day tasks for the DPO.

3. The Importance of Using DPO Software

The use of GDPR software for DPO like Dastra is crucial in automating processes related to data protection. This allows for the creation and updating of processing records, the tracking of privacy impact assessments, and the management of data breaches.

The GDPR tool provides increased visibility into processing activities, making it easier to comply with legal obligations.

4. Risk Management and Compliance

Dastra DPO software is designed to help organizations effectively manage data processing risks.

It facilitates the implementation of appropriate security measures, the documentation of privacy policies, and the creation of compliance reports for supervisory authorities.

5. Choosing the Right Software

It is essential to choose GDPR software for DPO that is tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Features such as data traceability, access rights management, and continuous monitoring of processing activities can make the difference in ensuring continuous and effective compliance.

The adaptability of the Dastra DPO Software

The adaptability of our software is a priority. Dastra has been designed with this idea in mind, in order to meet the specific needs and requirements of each DPO.

To do this, it has the following characteristics :

  • Easy and intuitive
  • Ultra Flexible
  • Built-in AI
  • Data-driven
  • Collaborative
  • Automated
  • Available in multiple languages for international use.

To facilitate your tasks as a data protection officer, Dastra offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface. We also guarantee remote support for any necessary maintenance.

By opting for our solution, you will benefit from a complete monitoring of GDPR compliance, an overview of your company's data management, as well as:

  • Protecting your customers' data.
  • Protecting your employees' data.


In conclusion, the DPO plays a central role in data protection within organizations. DPO software is an indispensable ally in facilitating the complex management of data privacy liabilities. By investing in a GDPR tool such as Dastra, companies strengthen their compliance posture, protect their customers' privacy, and build trust in the handling of personal data.

A small step for DPOs, a big step for data protection is free to try, easy to set up, and work seamlessly together.

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