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Automate data subject access requests management

Managing requests for the exercice of rights is time-consuming and requires the retrieval of applicant data. In response to the increasing number of requests, we have designed a dedicated DSR module that automates upstream DSR collection, simplifies qualification, supports data retrieval and allows smooth communication to meet regulatory deadlines. Responding to requests to exercise rights has never been easier!



Complying with article 15 of the GDPR requires proof of the processing of requests for exercise of rights received. Gather all your past and present requests in one place and document your compliance.


Automate workflow and reduce the administrative burden

Each request requires a gateway and an assessment prior to processing. Create a widget then integrate it into your site to automate the entry and qualification of requests and reduce the administrative burden to focus on the essentials.


Embark the operationals

Processing requests to exercise rights is by nature collective work. Be notified for each request or evolution, create and allocate tasks to the right employees, then follow the process to meet regulatory deadlines.



To follow the evolution of requests throughout their life cycle, a global and customizable dashboard allows you to manage your requests, learn from the past and export reports proving your compliance.


Discover our set of features

Build a data subject access requests registry and centralize requests

Without starting from scratch, you can import or export all of your previous requests in just a few clicks. Customize the interface, workflow and quickly filter your requests by category to build your dashboard.

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Edit requests and collaborate

The right of exercise request editor allows you to fill in any new request and classify them by type (right of access, rectification, deletion or porting in particular). Enter the reasons for the request and the expiration date according to the level of complexity. Add comments, create new tasks, allocate them to your collaborators and follow the history of each request.

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Automate the collection of data subject requests using our customisable widget

To avoid shared mailboxes, automate the entry of requests and simplify the lives of those responsible for processing requests. Build a custom widget, integrate it on any web channel (forms, API, emails, back-office) like your privacy policy or your commercial emails and collect requests automatically. Requests will arrive directly in Dastra!

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Customize the widget to match your identity

Our Customer Subject requests widget offers a wide range of customisation options. You can adjust the header layout, customise colours and logos, and even inject your own CSS. This range of tools allows you to adapt the widget to your visual identity and ensure that it integrates seamlessly into your distribution channels.

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Automatically verify the identity of the requester

The qualification of data subject requests is sometimes very energy consuming. Thanks to the widget, as soon as the request is sent, the person concerned automatically receives a first email which will allow them to validate their identity. Its request will automatically appear on your Dastra application, and you will be notified for each new request only if action is required on your part or that of one of your employees. It's up to you to answer them with complete peace of mind!

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The advantages of Dastra


External resources

Data protection legal authorities, legal watch, best practices and sectoral or professional benchmarks: the best external resources are available to you from the Dastra application to assist you in making the decision relating to your compliance.

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Flexible roles and permissions

Your organization is specific and the credentials must be just as specific. To meet these dual security and flexibility challenges, Dastra allows you to finely customize access rights and permissions according to teams, departments, entities or users.

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API & security

Security is an integral part of the structure of our SaaS products, our infrastructure and our processes. In addition, Dastra offers SSO and webhook functionality so that you can be sure that your data is protected, as well as an open API.

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Learn how to use Dastra step by step

We have documented the first steps to get started with an example of a fictional use case to give you a quick overview of the power of Dastra features.

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A small step for DPOs, a big step for data protection is free to try, easy to set up, and work seamlessly together.

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