Our founders

The story began in 2018, when Paul-Emmanuel and Antoine, two cousins ​​with complementary backgrounds, found themselves around a slightly crazy project: democratizing the data strategy in organizations, by first tackling the Data protection. Soon joined by Romain and Jérôme, Dastra, a contraction of “Data Strategy”, was born!



A telecom engineer by training, Paul started his career at IBM in Ireland to follow his first passion: the cloud, software and international. Upon his return to France, his various experiences made him aware of the need to reinvent the protection of personal data. Consultant and manager specializing in strategy and data governance at major French banks, it was in 2017 that he came up with the idea for Dastra. Hard worker, but also writer, philosopher and musician in his spare time, plug it into data strategy, governance and the digital revolution and your discussion will take you to satellite thoughts.


Proud father of 2 daughters with adorable gold earrings, Antoine is a curious and self-taught senior developer who has proven himself over the years and his experiences, with a leitmotif: proposing solutions that simplify the life of users. An agricultural engineer by training, he is behind many collaborative tools used in a large French agricultural media. Advertising agency, CRM, audience analysis, but also web marketing, he likes to solve technical problems every day that meet the needs of the trades. Antoine is also passionate about drawing, especially when it comes to Spitfires or Messerschmitts. His latest achievement? The international space station, for Dastra's brochures ... A word of advice: visit the army museum alongside, with him we go there every 3 months.


A lawyer by training, Jérôme worked for many years for the CNIL and in consulting before joining Dastra. His GDPR expertise and his rich experience in the trenches of the control service always gives him a step ahead of the latest trends in privacy. For Jérôme, data protection has no secrets: protecting individual freedoms and rights is his daily motivation, and the internet is his battleground. Concerned about a job well done, he knows how to be as meticulous as he is an educator, two essential qualities when it comes to an expert field such as the protection of personal data.


Roman, he's the last musketeer in the gang. Dynamic to touch impatience, he was before joining Dastra the 1st employee of a Start Up who now has 50 employees, in the fields of SaaS, HRIS, collaborative and collective intelligence. Romain likes to describe his job as the “worthy representative of clients” in the company, who are the decisive stakeholders of companies. Self-taught musician and accomplished singer, he is inexhaustible on classical composers and lyric singing. His vivid imagination and his sense of hospitality at the service of data protection convince you that it is possible to make the GDPR not only useful, but also sexy.

A small step for DPOs, a big step for data protection

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