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Use the full power of Dastra to make your PIA easier to implement. Identify needs, assign tasks, manage and control privacy risks. The PIA module is the perfect answer to your needs for accessibility and collaboration between the operational staff involved.


Identify the need for PIA

On each data processing, quickly identify if an PIA is needed.


Conduct your data protection impact assessments

In compliance with the GDPR, carry out impact analyses (PIA) on the concerned processing. Several models of PIA are available from the simplest to the most thorough!


Import your PIA CNIL

You have already made PIA with the CNIL tool? No problem! You can import your CNIL PIA directly into Dastra to continue working on it.


Get your business on board for analysis

Do you need information from the business? Use the PIA tool to collaborate! Deliver specific questions to others, including people who don't have a Dastra user account!


Discover our set of features

A real guide

The Dastra PIA is designed to be as educational as possible. Each question is explained and the expectations are specified.

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An easier view of the risks and the action plan

Visualize privacy risks related to processing in a heat map and find the identified action plan in one place. Share it, export it and work on the actions with Dastra with task tracking.

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Automate the filling of the PIA

Save time and automatically pre-populate answers to PIA questions. Did you know that 60% of the PIA is already in your processing when you use Dastra?

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Assign roles and track your PIAs

You can choose who carries out the PIA and who validates it. Once your AIP has been created, keep it alive when changes are made to the processing or when new risks are identified. In any case, automate a renewal of the AIP over time!

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Learn how to use Dastra step by step

We have documented the first steps to get started with an example of a fictional use case to give you a quick overview of the power of Dastra features.

Access the documentation

A small step for DPOs, a big step for data protection is free to try, easy to set up, and work seamlessly together.

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