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A complete plateform

Dastra combines flexibility and efficiency to save you time and allow you to focus on your core missions

Data subjects rights requests

Process data subject rights (DSR) requests efficiently
Industrialize the management of data subject requests and meet regulatory deadlines effortlessly
Data subjects rights requests
Record of processing activities (ROPA)

Record of processing activities (ROPA)

Mapping your processings becomes a pleasure!
Just build your record of processing in a guided way. By following a guide designed for DPOs but also for data controllers, create and maintain daily, in collaboration with your teams, your record of processing activities (ROPA) over its entire life cycle, from definition to export , including integration, collaboration and risk assessment. Map your data in a catalog and fill in your storage rules.
Record of processing activities (ROPA)


Implement your action plan !
Plan, allocate tasks, monitor your action plan, prioritize actions based on your treatment risks and optimize time spent.

Privacy impact assessement - PIA

Centralise the management of your PIA by connecting it to your register !
Use the full power of Dastra to make your PIA easier to implement. Identify needs, assign tasks, manage and control privacy risks.
Privacy impact assessement - PIA

Questionnaire management

Set up predefined or customised internal or external audit campaigns !
Perform your own compliance assessments simply and efficiently.
Questionnaire management

Risk Management

Identify, assess, manage and control your risks !
Get a comprehensive view of your risks to fuel your remediation plans, extend your coverage and reduce your exposure.
Risk Management

Breach reports

The record of data breaches
Store and manage your incident reports associated with your data processing. Document, centralize personal data breaches, keep track of history and learn from the past.
Breach reports

Advanced watch

Keep yourself informed about the legislation at a glance !
Dastra includes a customizable privacy watch that provides you with the essentials and helps you gain insight into the subject of data protection.
Advanced watch

API and integrations

Connect your repositories to Dastra !
For all your synchronization needs, Dastra offers a well-documented Rest API and fully customizable native connectors
API and integrations

Cookies consent widget

Simplified and integrated consent collection !
Create a cookie consent widget, embed it on your site and easily receive consent in accordance with the consent requirements.
Cookies consent widget

The advantages of Dastra


External resources

Data protection legal authorities, legal watch, best practices and sectoral or professional benchmarks: the best external resources are available to you from the Dastra application to assist you in making the decision relating to your compliance.

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Flexible roles and permissions

Your organization is specific and the credentials must be just as specific. To meet these dual security and flexibility challenges, Dastra allows you to finely customize access rights and permissions according to teams, departments, entities or users.

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API & security

Security is an integral part of the structure of our SaaS products, our infrastructure and our processes. In addition, Dastra offers SSO and webhook functionality so that you can be sure that your data is protected, as well as an open API.

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GDPR Compliance Made Easy with the Dastra Tool

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has revolutionized the way companies collect, process, and store personal data. The Dastra compliance tool offers you a complete solution to simplify GDPR compliance.

Understand the importance of GDPR

The GDPR, implemented in 2018, aims to protect the privacy of European Union citizens. This regulates how companies process their personal data. Companies are required to adhere to fundamental principles :

  • Transparency
  • the lawfulness of the data processing
  • respect for individual rights

Introducing Dastra

Dastra, your GDPR tool, is positioned as a complete solution to help companies comply with the requirements of the regulation.

This GDPR tool offers a range of features. These are intended to simplify the compliance process. From the initial collection of data to the implementation of the necessary security measures.

Key Features of Dastra

Discover all the features of the GDPR tool for personal data protection officers (DPO):

  • Treatment Register : Dastra offers a comprehensive processing register. This allows companies to document and track data processing activities in compliance with GDPR requirements. This feature simplifies the management of personal data information, increasing transparency and compliance.

  • Exercising rights : Dastra offers a user-friendly interface to efficiently manage requests for access, rectification, deletion, and other data protection rights. Transparent and fast management to meet GDPR requirements.

  • Impact Analysis (PIA): Dastra, your GDPR compliance tool, includes a data breach tracking system. This feature provides companies with a quick and structured response to potential security breaches. This feature ensures compliance with GDPR notification obligations, enhancing data security.

  • Risk Management : Dastra offers a comprehensive data risk management solution. This feature allows companies to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks associated with the processing of personal data. Thus promoting a proactive approach to compliance.

  • Project Management Software: Simplify the management of data protection projects with Dastra. Follow the steps, assign tasks, and ensure that all initiatives comply with current regulatory standards.

  • API & Integration: Dastra offers maximum flexibility through robust APIs and integration features. Easily integrate Dastra into your existing ecosystem for a seamless user experience and seamless compliance.

  • Data Mapping: Visualize and understand the flow of data across your organization with Dastra's data mapping. Identify data flows, storage points, and ensure proactive and informed management of personal data.

  • Data breach : Respond quickly and in an organized manner to security incidents with Dastra's incident reporting capabilities. Document, analyze, and take corrective action to strengthen your organization's resilience.

  • GDPR Audit: Ensure ongoing compliance by conducting regular GDPR audits with Dastra. Identify potential gaps, track progress, and ensure consistent compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Cookie Consent: Simplify consent management with Dastra by automating the process of collecting and recording user consents. Make sure your website complies with the legal requirements for cookies.

  • Expert monitoring: Stay informed of regulatory developments with Dastra's expert monitoring. Receive real-time updates and adjust your GDPR compliance strategy based on the latest trends and requirements.

And many more features await you !

Dastra continues to innovate to deliver advanced features tailored to the changing needs of data protection compliance. Explore Dastra's extensive capabilities to ensure full compliance and robust data protection.

Advantages of the Dastra GDPR tool

  • There are several benefits to using the Dastra tool for companies looking to comply with the GDPR:

  • Time saving: Process automation saves time in data and consent management.

  • Risk Reduction: Dastra, your GDPR compliance software, helps identify and mitigate potential risks of non-compliance. Thus minimizing financial penalties and loss of reputation.

  • Ease of Use: Dastra's user-friendly interface makes it accessible even to companies that don't have specialized compliance resources.


In a world where the protection of personal data has become a priority, Dastra offers solutions to simplify GDPR compliance.

However, staying on top of technological developments and legislative updates is crucial to ensure continued and effective compliance.

A small step for DPOs, a big step for data protection is free to try, easy to set up, and work seamlessly together.

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