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External DPO

Manage all your clients as if you had only one

A dedicated workspace

Capitalize on your work !

You have access to a dedicated workspace to build your treatment templates, your audit templates, your action plan templates and your documentation.

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All your clients in one place

But well partitioned between them!

Find all your clients in the same interface and quickly access their workspace. Each workspace is independent.

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Add your clients and get them on board with Dastra

You've got full control!

You are autonomous on Dastra. A new customer? You help them create their workspace and organization and manage their users.

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Industrialize your processes

Define your brand

Once your templates are configured, you use them for each new client. In three clicks, the client has a register and you have a template!

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Work collaboratively

Work together!

Do you have a team that supports you in managing your clients? No problem! They can have expired access based on their portfolio.

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Track your activity

With quality indicators!

Do you need to report to your clients and monitor your activity? Go to the statistics area to view and export all the necessary indicators!

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Become a compliance agent

With templates or custom audits

The audits module is integrated. Create your questionnaires, define automated action plans and work in agile mode!

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Start from the existing

Import your existing Excel registry directly into the tool

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Synchronize your repositories, define your workflows, import templates!

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Manage complex organizations and teams. Everything is done for collaboration: notification centre, delegation of tasks, audits with several respondents...

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Track all the basic metrics of your activity using the dashboard built into the app

They trust us

We are helping organization in many different sectors or sizes

A small step for DPOs, a big step for data protection is free to try, easy to set up, and work seamlessly together.

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