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Efficiently map AI systems

Understanding your AI systems (models used, stakeholders, data, people involved, software used...) is the preliminary step to building effective AI governance.

Centralize AI systems

Centralize AI systems

Dastra's AI systems registry lets you list all AI systems and their uses. The record is integrated into Dastra's cartography, enabling you to share common repositories with the record of data processing and associate them with the assets (software, for example) used.

Prioritize high value-added projects

Hierarchize your models according to the real value they bring to your organization.

AI system model library

Need an example? Use our AI system templates to speed up the implementation of your record.

Collaborate on your AI systems

Assign and track tasks and generate reports.

Follow a clear process

Keep track of your AI system, from project to deployment. You can restrict access according to process steps and trigger automatic rules. Conduct regular reviews of your AI systems.

Centralize AI systems

Analyze the risks and determine the viability of your organization's AI projects

Determine risk level according to IA Act guidelines with standard risk scale (Minimal, Limited, High and Unacceptable)

Analyze your risks with AI

Analyze your risks with AI

Generate a risk analysis for your AI system in just one click. With Dastra, you can automatically identify the points of vigilance and potential risks associated with each project.

Conduct compliance questionnaires

Produce compliance questionnaires for each project, and check that they comply with all applicable guidelines and regulations. Easily send questionnaires to stakeholders

Visualize risks

Use Dastra's dashboards to visualize the risks and compliance of your AI projects. These dashboards provide a clear overview and enable you to make informed decisions quickly. Prioritize high-value, low-risk projects!

Analyze your risks with AI

Demonstrate your compliance and build trust with your customers and partners

Transparency and compliance are essential pillars in building trust with your customers, partners, users and regulators. With Dastra, you can :

Align yourself with AI regulatory standards

Align yourself with AI regulatory standards

Make sure your projects comply with the latest standards such as the AI Act and NIST AI guidelines. We'll guide you to stay up to date and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Export in all formats

Easily export your systems, audits and evidence of compliance in clear, understandable formats. Make it easy for stakeholders and regulators to review and verify your compliance.

Trigger regular AI System reviews

Schedule regular reviews of your AI systems to ensure ongoing compliance. Quickly identify and correct any deviations from regulatory standards.

Generate transparency notices

Inform your users transparently with transparency notices. These clear and precise communications reinforce user confidence in your responsible AI management.

Align yourself with AI regulatory standards

A small step for DPOs, a big step for data protection is free to try, easy to set up, and work seamlessly together.

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