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Audit & Questionnaire Automation Software

Compliance audits and assessments are often performed manually using Excel spreadsheets. Sending, collecting and processing responses is a very time-consuming process for privacy and data protection officers.


The tool is designed to stop using Excel spreadsheets. Requests, collection of responses, analysis, up to the action plan are done automatically.

Collaborative tool

The audit module allows you to interact with your employees and processors or third parties and collect the information needed to manage risks.


Audits are fully integrated into all Dastra modules. You can assess applications, processing activities, one or more processors...


Discover our set of features

Create your questionnaires

You can use an existing questionnaire, combine several of them or create your own using our drag-and-drop editor. You can then configure them by setting the recurrence of the assessment, the persons in charge, the sections and the questions, the level of risk, the suggested tasks according to the answers, the conditions for displaying the questions...

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Link your audits to applications, processing activities, stakeholders

The audit module is integrated into the entire Dastra ecosystem, find every assessments and their results in each module.

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Automatically notify participants

When scheduling an audit, you can invite one or more respondents and validators by customizing the message and the date of the e-mail notification.

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Respond to the audit

External participants (processors or third party) do not need to create an account to respond to the assessment. Using a simple and intuitive interface, complete your answers by including attachments, detailed descriptions, comments...

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Follow the validation of assessments

The audit managers will be able to check the responses, assess the risks, annotate the responses and, if necessary, send the audit back for correction.

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Assess risks and generate an action plan

A simple and intuitive dashboard will allow you to track the results of your audits. Export your audits in different formats such as Word, PDF, Excel.

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The advantages of Dastra


External resources

Data protection legal authorities, legal watch, best practices and sectoral or professional benchmarks: the best external resources are available to you from the Dastra application to assist you in making the decision relating to your compliance.

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Flexible roles and permissions

Your organization is specific and the credentials must be just as specific. To meet these dual security and flexibility challenges, Dastra allows you to finely customize access rights and permissions according to teams, departments, entities or users.

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API & security

Security is an integral part of the structure of our SaaS products, our infrastructure and our processes. In addition, Dastra offers SSO and webhook functionality so that you can be sure that your data is protected, as well as an open API.

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Learn how to use Dastra step by step

We have documented the first steps to get started with an example of a fictional use case to give you a quick overview of the power of Dastra features.

Access the documentation

A small step for DPOs, a big step for data protection is free to try, easy to set up, and work seamlessly together.

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