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Dastra x Wefight

Dastra x Wefight

How does Dastra save time and make DPO jobs more enjoyable?


Wefight, a startup founded in 2017, specializes in developing patient-centric products and services.

Among other things, the company has created VIK, a health app for patients and their loved ones.

In this context, Charlotte Font, assumes a double mission: that of corporate lawyer and responsible for the overall compliance of Wefight and its products with current regulations.

Why did you choose Dastra?

The tool obviously had to meet the requirements of the GDPR: maintain the processing register, perform impact analyses, manage rights exercise requests or even data breaches etc...

But it was also essential to be able to centralize all of the company's compliance within a single tool, and that this tool meet the requirements of ergonomics and support.


Dastra has not only met Wefight's expectations, but has gone further since Charlotte has confided in us that she uses one of our modules beyond her expectations: the module for the exercise of rights.

The simplicity of the implementation of the rights collection form allowed its integration with the application developed by Wefight (Vik) as well as the use in 2 forms:

  • For all rights in general
  • For the deletion of data

All this using a single tool and without the intervention of the developers, which has resulted in a significant saving of time.

What's more, the form is completely customizable (appearance, implementation, required fields...).

The tool is multilingual! Interesting when developing an international application such as Vik.

Finally, Charlotte underlines the saving of time brought by Dastra and adds that our tool makes the exercise of her missions more pleasant!

Paul-Emmanuel Bidault
Paul-Emmanuel Bidault
6 February 2023

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