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Dastra X Adriver

Dastra X Adriver

The three strengths of Dastra that won Adriver over!


Launched in 2019 by Hadrien de La Tour, Adriver is an OOH media company based on itinerant display (cars, buses, trucks...), a means of communication previously neglected by the advertising world.

Called MOOH (Mobile Out Of Home), this innovative approach allows advertisers to create customized campaigns and distribute advertising messages in a targeted, creative and measurable manner, which can be used at local, regional or national level.

To transform the OOH world, Adriver has focused on transparency and real audience measurement to better serve the performance of campaigns. The company currently operates in France, the UK and Italy.

Adriver handles a lot of personal data, which is why GDPR topics are at the heart of their concerns.

We interviewed JAAFAR Elalamy, Adriver's CTPO, who also heads up the data subsidiary, and William Gebara, Compliance Manager, who uses Dastra every day.

Why Dastra?

The Adriver team quickly realized that their business assets were based on personal data. Indeed, in order to identify where an advertisement is circulating, it is necessary to identify the driver, the consent of the latter is therefore necessary.

With the arrival of the GDPR, the processes had to be reviewed quickly and the need for a tool was obvious.

After comparing several GDPR compliance tools, Dastra was able to seduce them with its simple, logical and ergonomic interface.

The essential features for Adriver:

  • The management of several entities, which simplifies their daily life.
  • Data mapping, which was one of Dastra's special features.
  • The notification system helps them track items and prioritize emergencies.

It was important for them to have a tool that allows them to apply the RGPD measures to which they are committed: the notion of Privacy by design is at the heart of their concerns since they must guarantee the implementation of processing that ensures the highest level of data protection, right from the design of their algorithms.

Thanks to Dastra, they were able to link their implementation roadmap and set up security measures, with the legal requirements. What do they like about it? The centralization of everything they need for their RGPD compliance in one tool!

Dastra allows us to keep track of all the measures without getting lost in a multitude of documents.

**What they really like about Dastra is the simplicity of daily management and the saving of time that Dastra provides!

Paul-Emmanuel Bidault
Paul-Emmanuel Bidault
13 February 2023

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