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Dastra 1.7.3: Cookie Policy and Information Notice on processing generated with AI

Release Notes

Dastra 1.7.3: Cookie Policy and Information Notice on processing generated with AI
Antoine Bidault
Antoine Bidault
4 April 2024·2 minutes read time

New version containing a significant batch of bug fixes, particularly regarding rights exercises, violations, and the collection ball system.


AI-generated processing information notice

Using our AI engine, it is now possible to generate a completely personalized processing information notice.

  1. Go to a processing record.
  2. Click the dropdown menu to the right of the save button.
  3. Click on Generate an information notice.
  4. Select the generation mode you want. You can ask for fully customized instructions!
  5. Let the AI do the work!

By default, the language of your user interface will be used to generate the document.

You will obtain a result like this in several formats (html, text, or markdown): image.png Copy the generated code to your favorite CMS, IDE, Word...

You must have the cookies module to use this feature, see our pricing page for more information.

Many of you have requested this feature. Dastra now offers you the ability to automatically generate a Cookie policy based on the configuration of your cookie widget. image.png You can now:

  • Configure all languages: define the document introductions and footers in all languages.
  • Export the policy in your preferred formats (html, pdf, word, markdown).
  • Real-time integration of the updated policy on a webpage with a small javascript code snippet to be inserted on the webpage.
  • Include a button that allows opening preferences automatically in your document.

To use this new feature:

  • Go to the configuration page of a cookie widget of your choice.
  • Configure the list of services associated with your widget (we recommend defining the list of associated cookies).
  • Access the last section of the form (if it is grayed out, you need to save your changes).
  • Choose your preferred format.


  • Retrieval of retention periods in the processing collection form not working.
  • Display of violation summaries was defective.
  • Various translations.

Deprecation of MistralAI

We are having problems integrating MistralAI into the generation tools, which is why we have decided to remove it from the application until we find solutions to make the use of this model more reliable. Our engineers have found that it responded randomly and needed to mature further. We will reintegrate it in due time.

Next steps

We continue our many works, including a major version 1.8.0 which will include 2 very big news!

About the author
Antoine Bidault
Antoine Bidault

Directeur technique de Dastra (CTO)

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