Plan, allocate tasks, follow your action plan and optimize the time spent

Planning allows you to identify and prioritize the actions to be taken with regard to the risks that your treatments pose for the rights and freedoms of the persons concerned.

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An agile project management board

Thanks to a simple and customizable workflow making all your compliance actions evolve in drag & drop, create and visualize daily in collaboration with all of your employees throughout their evolution with the Dastra planning tool. Import, Monitor, enrich, and export your action plan with ease, save time and effort on a daily basis, and focus on the essentials!


Import in just a few clicks your past and present action plans to document the accountability of your organization and not start from scratch.


Each organization is unique. The Dastra Planning tool adapts to the constraints of each entity by allowing the customization of workflows adapted to each process.


Each organization is unique. The Dastra Planning tool adapts to the constraints of each entity by allowing the customization of workflows adapted to each process.


To save time, you have to measure it first. Thanks to its export functionality, the Dastra Planning tool provides you with all the information you need to manage and optimize your compliance in run mode.


Dastra is the GDPR compliance tool for data-driven organizations.

Create, allocate and export your task backlog

Designed to save you time, the Dastra Planning tool allows you to create tasks, allocate them to your employees and advance actions in workflows in click & drop mode within a simple, clean and easy to use interface. use. Once the actions have been carried out, export the associated logs to collect the time stamp, measure the time spent and identify the bottlenecks likely to be optimized.

Customize workflows

Because each organization has its own processes, each workflow can be personalized by category: processing validation, management of rights exercise requests, task tracking, data breaches, you can also choose progress reports, breakdown by colors, as well as accessing the overview or individual view of archived or current tasks.

Build an audit trail

With multiple export formats, you can export your action plan by selecting the export date, the person in charge, but also all your registers. In the event of an audit, you will be able to demonstrate accountability and prove to the data protection local authorities that you are putting all the technical and organizational means necessary to empower your organization.

Customize notifications

Each task is affiliated with a person and an owner. Any modification or creation of tasks can automatically lead to an email notification to the people on board, with a link that redirects to the task to be performed in the tool, but only if you decide: the notification workflow has been designed to do nothing for you. to miss your compliance!

The advantages of Dastra


External resources

Data protection legal authorities, legal watch, best practices and sectoral or professional benchmarks: the best external resources are available to you from the Dastra application to assist you in making the decision relating to your compliance.

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Flexible roles and permissions

Your organization is specific and the credentials must be just as specific. To meet these dual security and flexibility challenges, Dastra allows you to finely customize access rights and permissions according to teams, departments, entities or users.

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API & security

Security is an integral part of the structure of our SaaS products, our infrastructure and our processes. In addition, Dastra offers SSO and webhook functionality so that you can be sure that your data is protected, as well as an open API.

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Learn how to use Dastra step by step

We have documented the first steps to get started with an example of a fictional use case to give you a quick overview of the power of Dastra features.

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A small step for DPOs, a big step for data protection is free to try, easy to set up, and work seamlessly together.

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