Make your organization GDPR compliant simply and efficiently. Reduce risk.

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Reduce hidden compliance costs

Data protection can sometimes unleash passions and generate many hidden costs in your company: meetings, silo work, action plan not followed, Excel spreadsheets ... Put compliance in order, coordinate and structure the activity by piloting your data management with factual indicators.


Make your teams efficient

Compliance management can involve many redundant and low value-added tasks: supplier audits, exercise of rights, compliance update, record keeping... Automate processes and reduce the manual work of your compliance teams. Optimize the management of legal obligations, make life easy for your employees and focus on essential issues and priority tasks.


Warn of risks

Sanctions, cyberattacks, operational risks... there are many threats to your organization. Prevent threats, identify potential problems, and prioritize remediation actions. Govern the uses around the data and manage multireglèmentation with a single platform.


Re-establish a relationship of trust with your end users

Today, there is mistrust between users and companies regarding the management of personal data. Betting on compliance and transparency will make you stand out from your competitors. You will thus prove to your users that your company is virtuous in the use of personal data


Suitable for all business sizes

Dastra works with all types of organizations: VSEs, SMEs, MIDEs, CMs, communities. Manage a complex organizational scheme: groups, subsidiaries, departments. Assign roles to each member of your compliance team. Dastra adapts to your organization


Manage complex organizations and teams. Everything is done for collaboration: notification centre, delegation of tasks, audits with several respondents...


Track all the basic metrics of your activity using the dashboard built into the app


Discover our set of features

Flexible organizational scheme

Whether you are a small company, an SME or a group, Dastra will adapt to your organizational scheme. Configure your organization (entities, subsidiaries...) assign teams and roles to each branch office


Simply map all of the company's personal data

Dastra will allow you to reference all the company's datasets (e.g. pay slip, registration in a CRM) with the possibility of making imports or changes in batch. The assignment of labels will allow you to classify the data very easily. Our catalogue can then be easily referenced in the processing register.

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A project management board in agile mode

Thanks to a simple and customizable workflow that evolves all your compliance actions by dragdrop, create and visualize daily in collaboration with all your employees throughout their evolution with Dastra's planning tool. Import, monitor, enrich, and export your action plan with ease, save time and serenity on a daily basis, and focus on the essentials!

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Easily connect your data (repositories, rights exercises...)

Dastra will provide your technical teams with all the necessary elements to set up an integration with your services (Rest API, Webhooks). We also develop native integrations according to the needs of our users.

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