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GDPR Data processing modelDistance learning management

By: Ludwig Karneth
This processing model relates to informing trainees about the progress of training courses, organizing communications with trainees, collecting pedagogical recommendations from trainers and training coordinators

Purposes (5)

A purpose is the objective pursued by the setting up of your file. It indicates what the processing of personal data will be used for, its purpose. This purpose must be clear and understandable

Information for trainees on the progress of training courses
Planning, agenda, session modification, pedagogical content transmission ....
Collect pedagogical recommendations from trainers and training coordinators
Elaborate training statistics
Success rate, number of requests for information....
Legitimate interest
Organize communications with trainees
Send messages, e-mails and alerts related to the course. Answer trainee questions
Sales prospecting and sending offers to prospects and trainees

Data categories (1)

Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. A natural person can be identified either directly (eg surname and first name) or indirectly (eg phone number, social security number, email or postal address, but also voice or image)

Trainee data for distance learning

Data details

Skills acquisition or reinforcement needsrequired
Financing informationrequired
Suivi individuel de formation required
Suivi administratif du parcoursrequired
Elements de Facturationrequired
Telephone numberrequired
Email addressrequired
Postal Addressrequired
Date of birth
Name and surnamerequired

Data conservation rules

Active base:

For trainees and customers, 10 years after the end of the contract unless otherwise stipulated by law or regulation. (required for requests for duplicates of training certificates or attestations, duplicates of invoices, administrative checks by public institutions, professional training funding bodies, DIRECCTE, QUALIOPI quality certifier, DRJSCS or Rectorat.) For people who have made contact but are not customers: 3 years after the last telephone or e-mail contact.

Data subject (3)

A data subject is any person whose data is collected, retained or processed by the data processing. e.g. In a recruitement process, any candidate for a position proposed in recruitement management process

  • Other
  • Customers
  • Prospects

Ludwig Karneth
Ludwig Karneth

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