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GDPR Data processing modelWebsite management (website)

By: Ludwig Karneth
PrivateIT and telecoms
This processing is intended for website management: content publication, security, administration, statistics production.

Purposes (4)

A purpose is the objective pursued by the setting up of your file. It indicates what the processing of personal data will be used for, its purpose. This purpose must be clear and understandable

Preparation and publication of content (blog, various articles)
Legitimate interest
The data is necessary to communicate on the site
Site security management (equipment and security logs)
Legitimate interest
Prevention of website security
Technical administration (back office management)
Legitimate interest
The processing is necessary for the proper functioning of the site
Production of audience and application usage statistics
Legitimate interest
Necessary for assessing the relevance of the content

Data categories (3)

Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. A natural person can be identified either directly (eg surname and first name) or indirectly (eg phone number, social security number, email or postal address, but also voice or image)

Connection data recorded to ensure the security and smooth operation of computer applications and networks

Data details

Logout date and timerequired
Date and time of connectionrequired

Data conservation rules

Active base:

Log data of connections and actions are kept for one year (security audits)

Identity of the author of an article

On the blog, on the site, on the white paper or any other content published on the site

Data details

First name

Archiving policy




Photograph including the person's face

Archiving policy




Person's Name


Data conservation rules

Active base:

Lifetime of content on site

Publication management data (object, deliverable, follow-up, statistics)

Data details


Data conservation rules

Active base:

Five years from the date of publication

Data subject (1)

A data subject is any person whose data is collected, retained or processed by the data processing. e.g. In a recruitement process, any candidate for a position proposed in recruitement management process

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