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GDPR Data processing modelDesignation of drivers who have committed a traffic offence

By: Ludwig Karneth
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This processing model relates to the designation and identification of the driver as well as the follow-up of the procedure for the recovery of traffic fines

Purposes (3)

A purpose is the objective pursued by the setting up of your file. It indicates what the processing of personal data will be used for, its purpose. This purpose must be clear and understandable

Designation and identification of the driver
Designate with the National Agency for the Automated Processing of Offenses (ANTAI) the person who is driving or was likely to be driving the vehicle when the offense was observed
Legal commitment
Article L. 121-6 du code de la route
Monitoring the procedure for collecting traffic fines and Litigation management
Monitoring the procedure for collecting traffic fines
Legitimate interest
Anonymous statistics
Produce anonymous statistics with a view to adapting road safety training courses
Legitimate interest

Data categories (2)

Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. A natural person can be identified either directly (eg surname and first name) or indirectly (eg phone number, social security number, email or postal address, but also voice or image)

Follow-up of the collection procedure

Data details

customer identification data
requiredsensitive data
date and mode of designationrequired
file number communicated by ANTAIrequired
Vehicle registration numberrequired
Number, date and time of the vehicle rental contractrequired

Data conservation rules

Active base:

Limitation of the applicable statute of limitations/forclusion (for example, the statute of limitations in contraventional matters is twelve months).nUnder an agreement with ANTAI, all exchanges of information between the organization and ANTAI on vehicle drivers who have committed a traffic offence should be deleted by the organization once the designation has been made.

Driver designation procedure

Data details

Date and time of infringementrequiredsensitive data
date and time of rental start and endoptional
Ticket number and daterequiredsensitive data
employer contactoptional
employer detailsrequired
employer's first namesrequired
Name of employerrequired
Vehicle registration numberrequired
Driver's license numberrequired
Postal Addressrequired
Date and place of birthrequired
Fisrt namerequired

Data conservation rules

Active base:

45 days from receipt of ticket

Intermediate archiving:

The limitation period for contraventions is twelve months

Data subject (2)

A data subject is any person whose data is collected, retained or processed by the data processing. e.g. In a recruitement process, any candidate for a position proposed in recruitement management process

  • Drivers désignés
  • Employeur

Ludwig Karneth
Ludwig Karneth

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