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GDPR Data processing modelSupplier file management

By: Ludwig Karneth
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This processing model relates to the management and tracking of supplier files

Purposes (5)

A purpose is the objective pursued by the setting up of your file. It indicates what the processing of personal data will be used for, its purpose. This purpose must be clear and understandable

Administrative operations related to accounts payable management
Operations related to contracts, orders, receipts, invoices, settlements, accounting for accounts payable management
Edit payment instruments (bills of exchange, LCR, checks, promissory bills)
Create financial and sales statistics by supplier
Legitimate interest
Provide supplier selections for company or organization needs
Legitimate interest
Maintain supplier documentation
Legitimate interest

Data categories (2)

Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. A natural person can be identified either directly (eg surname and first name) or indirectly (eg phone number, social security number, email or postal address, but also voice or image)

billing and settlement elements

subscriptions, article, product, service covered by the subscription, periodicity, amount, conditions : orders and invoices, articles, products, services covered by the order and invoice, quantity, price, number, date and amount of the order and invoice, invoice due date, delivery terms, payment, terms and conditions of payment (means of payment, bank or postal references, discounts, deposits, rebates), credit terms, duration, unpaid invoices, credit notes, receipts, deductions or stop payments.

Data details

Service subject to subscriptionrequired

Data conservation rules

Active base:

In accordance with applicable legal provisions

Intermediate archiving:

In accordance with applicable legal provisions

Supplier identification

Data details

Economic Categoryrequired
Company registration numberrequired
Fax numberrequired
Accounting identification coderequired
Name or company namerequired
Fisrt namerequired

Data conservation rules

Active base:

Contract lifetime

Intermediate archiving:

5 years after the end of the contract

Data subject (1)

A data subject is any person whose data is collected, retained or processed by the data processing. e.g. In a recruitement process, any candidate for a position proposed in recruitement management process

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Ludwig Karneth
Ludwig Karneth

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