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Mapping the risks

A tool to govern all risks

Define and associate risks with assets (data processing, applications, subcontractors, datasets, etc.) and measure their sensitivity

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Perform security analysis

Incorporate security by design

Tap into Dastra analytics repositories or design your own risk analysis to secure your organization's projects and use your own methodologies

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Pilot risk remediation measures

Measures tailored to your risk

Determine the necessary and sufficient measures to address the security issues on your organization's projects and orchestrate their implementation by the operational teams

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Check your providers

Keep your hands on your surroundings!

With pre-defined or customized audit models, launch security verification campaigns implemented by your providers and reduce your risk of a security incident while ensuring control of your outsourcing chain.

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Document data breaches

A register for all violations

Accurately document your organization's data breaches and meet the legal requirement to establish a registry (Article 33 of the RGPD). Assess the risk to people's privacy to notify the supervisory authorities and the people involved if necessary.

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Automate your audit campaigns

Save time

Automated and pre-scheduled audits scheduled at regular deadlines allow you to reassemble the information you need to manage your organization's risks. Follow the indicators and focus on urgent issues.

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Generate reports

Keep an eye on the dashboard

Build personalized and tailored reports for your organization, communicate results in a synthetic way, and value the work of your teams with your management.

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Start from the existing

Import your existing Excel registry directly into the tool


Synchronize your repositories, define your workflows, import templates!


Manage complex organizations and teams. Everything is done for collaboration: notification centre, delegation of tasks, audits with several respondents...


Track all the basic metrics of your activity using the dashboard built into the app


Discover our set of features

Simply map all of the company's personal data

Dastra will allow you to reference all the company's datasets (e.g. pay slip, registration in a CRM) with the possibility of making imports or changes in batch. The assignment of labels will allow you to classify the data very easily. Our catalogue can then be easily referenced in the processing register.

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Build and plan internal or external audit campaigns

Use our predefined templates for impact analysis, outsourcing audits, planning audit campaigns, route invitations to one or more external or internal auditors. In addition, the custom audit editor with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface will allow you to create your own questionnaires simply.

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Meet all of your organization's security constraints

You can fine-tune the roles of users in your organization. Dastra allows you to force 2-factor authentication for all your users, set up IP filtering rules, custom SMTP, and easily track events using the audit log console


Integrate your company logins

Set up one or more external logins for your organization in self-service: we use SAML, ADFS or OpenId protocols. It is very easy to integrate your Active Directory into Dastra. If you need support on this subject, our advisors will provide you with all the necessary help in setting up the SSO.


Easily connect your data (repositories, rights exercises...)

Dastra will provide your technical teams with all the necessary elements to set up an integration with your services (Rest API, Webhooks). We also develop native integrations according to the needs of our users.

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Manage and audit your vendors in a centralized directory

Dastra will easily allow you to bulk import and manage the complete list of your subcontractors. It will then be very simple to fill them in at the level of the processing register without redundancy of input. The integrated audit system will allow you to easily audit the risks related to your subcontractors.


Flexible organizational scheme

Whether you are a small company, an SME or a group, Dastra will adapt to your organizational scheme. Configure your organization (entities, subsidiaries...) assign teams and roles to each branch office


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