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Centralize your compliance data repositories

A one-stop shop for all your data

Centralize all your compliance data assets (data processing, applications, subcontractor, data catlog, risks, security measures...) in repositories specific to each of your entities. Connect them to your systems to power your downstream applications as a primary source or copy through our APIs.

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Control the quality of compliance data

Automated quality indicators

Duplicates, errors, non-up-to-date data... poor quality of compliance data can have dramatic consequences for your organization. Control the quality of your data and immediately identify inconsistencies with our automated indicators.


Visualize data lineage

A mapping of uses on the data

Explore compliance data graphically and identify the relationships between it to better control your information assets. Use our live filters to navigate as closely as possible to the lifecycle of your data. Identify in one click the most critical nodes within your SI urbanization scheme.


Save time in audits

Automate associated controls and action plans

Subcontracted audit, permanent control, general inspection, ad hoc project... Build custom audit templates, recurring or not, and plan campaigns in advance with our Audit module. Follow the results and generate scores and action plan automatically according to the answers provided by the auditees.

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Generate reports

Keep an eye on the dashboard

Build personalized and tailored reports for your organization, communicate results in a synthetic way, and value the work of your teams with your management.

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Start from the existing

Import your existing Excel registry directly into the tool


Synchronize your repositories, define your workflows, import templates!


Manage complex organizations and teams. Everything is done for collaboration: notification centre, delegation of tasks, audits with several respondents...


Track all the basic metrics of your activity using the dashboard built into the app


Discover our set of features

Simply map all of the company's personal data

Dastra will allow you to reference all the company's datasets (e.g. pay slip, registration in a CRM) with the possibility of making imports or changes in batch. The assignment of labels will allow you to classify the data very easily. Our catalogue can then be easily referenced in the processing register.

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Vizualize transfers, data, subcontractors...

Dastra's revolutionary graphical visualization system will help you to better exploit the data of the register by having a global view of transfers, data, subcontractors...

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Manage and audit your vendors in a centralized directory

Dastra will easily allow you to bulk import and manage the complete list of your subcontractors. It will then be very simple to fill them in at the level of the processing register without redundancy of input. The integrated audit system will allow you to easily audit the risks related to your subcontractors.


Simple and effective data processing record management

With Dastra, don't waste time on registry filling audits. Use predefined processing templates according to your industry and use our simple and guided registry editing interface. The system will allow you to export the registry in many formats: API, Sharelinks, PDF, Excel, Article 30 ...

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Record and track your data breaches simply

Reference all the information of your violations using the simple and intuitive editor. Then export your violations in all formats

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A project management board in agile mode

Thanks to a simple and customizable workflow that evolves all your compliance actions by dragdrop, create and visualize daily in collaboration with all your employees throughout their evolution with Dastra's planning tool. Import, monitor, enrich, and export your action plan with ease, save time and serenity on a daily basis, and focus on the essentials!

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