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Vestiaire Collective X Dastra

Vestiaire Collective X Dastra

After almost 2 years, I observe an increase in productivity, better monitoring of KPIs, and satisfaction among operational staff.

Discover the feedback from Clémence RAGUENES from Vestiaire Collective!

Can you introduce yourself?

I joined Vestiaire Collective in March 2020 as a generalist lawyer. As the team was structuring, I quickly took over the Compliance and Personal Data department. In 2022, I was appointed DPO. Today, I oversee all compliance-related issues, from anti-corruption to GDPR, including the Digital Services Act, for example. I am accompanied by a lawyer to manage all our projects.

Can you introduce Vestiaire Collective?

Vestiaire Collective is the leading international luxury fashion resale platform that allows members to buy and sell unique pieces from wardrobes around the world. The company stands out with its catalog of 5 million rare and sought-after items. Founded in Paris in 2009, Vestiaire Collective is a certified B-Corp® unicorn and aims to transform the fashion industry for a more sustainable future by promoting circular fashion as an alternative to overproduction, overconsumption, and harmful practices in the industry.

The GDPR-related challenges we face mainly relate to managing individuals' rights (due to the legal response time to be respected), keeping compliance documentation up to date (registers, balancing tests, DPIAs, etc.), monitoring planning, and reporting.

Can you explain how you use Dastra and manage GDPR?

Dastra is our tool for managing GDPR compliance and monitoring performance indicators. This tool allows us to centralize the management of documentation and actions (sending questionnaires, scheduling reviews, automating tasks and workflows, etc.).

What is the most used feature of Dastra for you? And why?

The feature we use the most is the management of individuals' rights. Well-designed by default, it enables us to acknowledge receipt of each request, automatically verify the email, categorize requests according to their nature, set up alerts (and more!). It is also highly customizable and easily distributed: a simple URL link to add to a privacy policy or an email, and anyone who wishes can make their rights exercise request in a few clicks using an online form.

image.png The widget for managing rights exercise requests

Why did you choose Dastra?

For its freedom of configuration options and the possibility to work in collaborative project mode.

What benefits do you get from using Dastra?

After almost 2 years of use, I have noticed increased productivity, better monitoring of KPIs, and satisfaction from the operational teams who work directly with the tool.

How was the support with Dastra?

The support provided is very serious, and the teams are available and responsive.

Marine Boquien
Marine Boquien
19 April 2024

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