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Audit modelData Protection and Privacy Compliance knowledge Assessment

Test your knowledge of data protection and privacy in general

1. GDPR Introduction questionary

1.1. What is a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) used for under GDPR?
1.2. Which rights do data subjects have under GDPR?
1.3. What is the primary role of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) under GDPR?
1.4. In the context of GDPR, what constitutes "explicit consent" for data processing?
1.5. What is the maximum fine that can be imposed for GDPR violations?
1.6. Under GDPR, what is the "right to rectification"?
1.7. When does a data breach need to be reported to the supervisory authority under GDPR?
1.8. What is the "right to data portability" under GDPR?
1.9. Who is considered the "data controller" under GDPR?
1.10. What does GDPR require organizations to do regarding data protection by design and by default?

2. Privacy Security Assessment

2.1. How can an organization ensure that its employees are aware of privacy-related risks?

Only one correct answer.

2.2. What action should an organization take to limit data processing to what is necessary (data minimization)?

Only one correct answer.

2.3. What should be done to protect confidential data on documents?

Only one correct answer.

2.4. What does it mean to "Implement an information classification policy"?

Only one correct answer.

2.5. What measure should be taken to ensure secure remote working?

Only one correct answer.

2.6. What is the purpose of pseudonymising or anonymising data?

Only one correct answer.

2.7. How can an organization protect personal devices used for work (BYOD)?

FYI : BYOD means Bring Your Own Device, it refers to the usage of personnal hardware on professionnal premises.

Only one correct answer.

2.8. What is the purpose of issuing a confidentiality agreement to employees?

Only one correct answer.

2.9. How can an organization ensure that data protection is part of the design and default settings of its systems?

Only one correct answer.

2.10. Which of the following is a key component of a "Data Retention Policy"?

3. DPO Missions

3.1. What is one of the primary responsibilities of a Data Privacy Officer (DPO)?
3.2. Which of the following tasks falls under the role of a Data Privacy Officer?
3.3. What does a Data Privacy Officer often do to promote data privacy within an organization?
3.4. How does a Data Privacy Officer assist in responding to data breach incidents?
3.5. What is the role of a Data Privacy Officer in relation to data subject requests?
3.6. What does a Data Privacy Officer do to monitor and maintain data protection policies and procedures?
3.7. How does a Data Privacy Officer contribute to employee training and awareness?
3.8. In what way does a Data Privacy Officer assist in ensuring vendor compliance with data protection regulations?
3.9. What is the role of a Data Privacy Officer in liaising with regulatory authorities?
3.10. How does a Data Privacy Officer contribute to risk management within the organization?
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