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Update 1.5.0 : customs fields!

Update 1.5.0 : customs fields!
Antoine Bidault
Antoine Bidault
20 December 2022·5 minutes read time

The Dastra R&D team is very pleased to announce the release of Dastra version 1.5.0 which includes a major feature that many of our customers have been requesting for almost a year: custom fields.

The development of this feature was a big challenge for the tech team, as we did not want to make a basic implementation of custom fields: just more form fields. We want the custom fields to be really usable in the application and to be fully integrated with what makes Dastra so productive: table columns, advanced filters, exports, imports, bulk updates...

We have also passed an important step for the application server code, as we have upgraded the framework from .Net 6.0 to .Net 7.0, which will improve the application loading time by 20 to 30%.

New features

  • Custom fields: to access them, go to Workspace settings > Custom fields

More information about this feature

  • Association between datasets and categories of data subjects: From now on, the system for processing exercise requests will only be based on the categories of data subjects associated with a dataset.



  • Various visual improvements
  • Sorting by organizational units in processing
  • Additional filters:
    • In processings: by data field and if processings involves sensitive data
    • In assets: by data field image.png
  • Better accounting of audit scores if it is a training questionnaire + display of corrections at the end of the questionnaire
  • Compatibility with small resolutions
  • Display of the workflow step details when moving from one step to another. In the edition of the workflow steps, you can add a description : image.png This will be displayed when a user switches the workflow step: image.png

Bug fixes

  • Loss of process steps
  • Filters not applied properly when clicking on a project
  • Loading of the saved filter that was not working anymore


  • Major migration from .Net 6.0 to .Net7.0 (+20-30%)
  • Improvement of the loading of the processing table
  • Improved performance of the replication of processings (+30%)


  • Boolean choice for newsletter subscription when inviting new users to the platform

A big thank you to all our users who we love ❤️ and who allow us to improve Dastra day by day! All feedback made via the community, tickets and chat are used.

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Antoine Bidault
Antoine Bidault

Directeur technique de Dastra (CTO)

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