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New version of the application (0.9.17): tasks and statistics

New version of the application (0.9.17): tasks and statistics
Jérôme de Mercey
Jérôme de Mercey
28 April 2021

Many new features are brought by this update thanks to your feedback (thank you!) :

  • Page of viewing tasks in progress by user
  • statistics page shared between all workspaces of a client account
  • improved dashboard :
    • view the user's current tasks
    • view of the total number of tasks
    • view the number of tasks whose due date has passed
  • Audit :
    • Removal of the level of risk for each question: we will develop this feature soon. It has not been abandoned. The objective is to manage risks in an operational manner, which leads to a better definition of these risks. The current system did not allow to define the risk associated with the level.
    • Adding a question preview when editing a question
    • New types of questions: simple or multiple selection of repository elements (Security measures, Applications...)
  • Communication :
    • Addition of a new chatbot service directly within the application : it is visible on the Dastranaute button or from the voice holder or from the help menu
  • Datasets:
    • addition of a "fields" column in the table view display
    • Display of field details in the dataset selector
  • Mapping :
    • Added dynamic filters to filter on multiple items within the application.
  • Records:
    • Added the ability to indicate that processing does not require a PIA (due to an exemption for example).
    • Dynamic fields have been set up to combine several elements in a search (for example, displaying processing operations using a given application and concerning a given category of people).
    • Adding the new persons concerned (end users and administrators)
    • Display the internal reference in the tree view (before the name of the treatment)
  • Export to csv/excel format :
    • improved export of audits (display of responses)
    • addition of new fields in the export of a dataset and a treatment (data, purposes, fields etc.)
    • Corrected CSV export that had accent encoding problems when the file was opened with Excel
  • Record as a processor:
    • added purposes (not required) and applications (not required) to complete processing as a processor. This can be useful in case you want to append the processing details in your contracts.

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Jérôme de Mercey
Jérôme de Mercey

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