DPOs and CISOs, how to work together?

DPOs and CISOs, how to work together?

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Everything is moving in the direction of a change in relations between the data protection officers and the chief information security officers - whether it be with general management, the business lines, other support functions such as HR or simply between them and their teams, DPO relays or security correspondents.

The growing search for internal organization of DPOs is reflected in a change in their relationships, with the rise of their influence on subjects at the crossroads of technical and legal issues.

On the side of the CISOs, the increase in cybersecurity challenges linked to new uses and new tools, as well as the growing weight of legal and criminal law in cybersecurity, are changing their view of data protection. DPOs are now seen as allies of choice in their fight against cyber attacks and inertia.

So, on what areas can DPOs and CISOs work concretely, on a daily basis? Download this white paper to learn more!

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