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2023, a Year of Growth and Innovation

Dastra 2023 Retrospective

2023, a Year of Growth and Innovation
Marine Boquien
Marine Boquien
2 January 2024·4 minutes read time

The year 2023 was a defining period for Dastra, marked by significant accomplishments and major advancements. Here is an overview of this exciting year !

A Larger Team

The year kicked off with a bang with the expansion of our team! We welcomed new passionate talents, enriching our collective and strengthening our abilities to innovate and meet the needs of our clients.

New offices

Our drive for progress was also reflected in our work environment. We chose to move from Station F and relocate on January 2, 2024, to new premises at Wojo Tolbiac, offering collaborative and inspiring spaces.

A Refreshed Visual Identity

We unveiled a new identity : a modern logo and website aligned with our evolution as a company.

Meetings and Major Events

The year was punctuated by major events, notably our very first Dastra Meetup ! This gathering was an opportunity to share our passion, exchange innovative ideas, and strengthen our ties with our community, marking a milestone in our commitment to our partners and clients.

Customers who place their trust in us

The trust of our clients was a crucial pillar of our 2023. We saw a significant increase in our client base, illustrating their growing confidence in our services. In-depth user training, detailed case studies, and available customer support further solidified our partnership with them.

Product Innovations

2023 witnessed major developments within our product. New features marked a significant evolution in our offerings :

  • Custom fields
  • DPA generation
  • External audits
  • Redesigning rights exercises
  • AI integration: a step forward towards even more advanced solutions

Vision 2024: Towards New Heights

As we conclude this exceptional year, our gaze is fixed on the future. In 2024, we aim to strengthen our position as an industry leader by launching our innovative 'Privacy Hub' and providing our clients with more precise personalized reports, thus consolidating our commitment to continuous innovation and customer satisfaction.

In summary, 2023 will be remembered as a period of expansion, innovation, and strengthening bonds with our clients and community. We look forward to continuing this fantastic momentum in 2024 and beyond, with even more innovations and successes on the horizon.

Stay tuned to discover Dastra's exciting upcoming advancements in the year ahead! 🚀

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