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Release note 1.6.3

Release note

Release note 1.6.3
Jérôme de Mercey
Jérôme de Mercey
22 November 2023·7 minutes read time

Over the past month, the development team has been focusing on the transition to our new brand image: new logo, new website!

We're delighted to present our new website

But of course we haven't forgotten the important developments on the application.

This version 1.6.3 offers a number of new features, detailed below.

Happy reading!

New features

Treatment quality control filters

Treatment sheets are often imported en masse into Dastra and need to be corrected and proofread to ensure the quality of the information entered. This improves completion and quality scores, while reducing processing sensitivity.

To make your work easier, we have set up a list of filters for processing quality control:

  • DPIA mandatory
  • DPIA done
  • DPIA not done and mandatory
  • No purpose
  • No legal basis
  • No retention period
  • No data set
  • No measurement
  • No transfer
  • With transfer
  • With transfer without transfer mechanism
  • Subcontractor without DPA
  • No category of persons concerned
  • No owner
  • No assets

To apply them,

  • Go to the processing page, click on Filters.
  • Select filter types by clicking on "Control filters ".


Automatic saving of audit questionnaires

We've had a number of reports from users of the questionnaire response system who don't regularly save their work.

From now on, when you answer a questionnaire. The information entered is saved automatically and transparently for the user.


Data transfer from one organizational unit to another

You can now transfer data from one organizational unit to another in just a few clicks.

To do so, go to the Organizational units page of your workspace settings and click on the menu (the three dots) of the organizational unit from which you wish to transfer data.

Select the Transfer data option


Let the following data transfer wizard guide you through the selection of the destination organizational unit and the elements to be transferred (processes, tasks, rights requests, etc.).


Once you've made your selection, simply click on Transfer data to complete the operation.


  • Graphic redesign of questionnaire completion report
  • Addition of a safety measure description to the treatment summary.
  • Enhancement of the dataset table in the full export of a data processing operation.
  • Display of user role at the top of the dashboard
  • Addition of explanatory text in the ROPA dataset creation wizard
  • Re-arrangement of the questionnaire module home page
  • Addition of a button to configure a questionnaire directly from the questionnaire map on the questionnaire module home page.

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Resolved a bug in reader role permissions.
  • Added and corrected erroneous translation strings
  • Resolved a bug that allowed respondents to continue to be added to a finalized questionnaire.
  • Solved display problems on small screens in the questionnaires module.
  • Solved a problem displaying respondents' comments when reviewing a questionnaire response.
  • Resolution of problems with some of the RSS feeds made available
  • Solved a problem with the Log message for invitations to complete a processing
  • Solved a problem with column selection when exporting to Excel
  • Change US to "appropriate" country when transferring data

Next steps

We are currently working on version 1.7.0, which includes 2 important features:

  • 📥Privacy-hubs: these are a sub-feature of our Questionnaires module that will enable you to create and customize online spaces (dedicated web pages) in which you can make questionnaire templates available. These portals will enable automated collection of responses to your questionnaires without the need for a Dastra user account (a simple email will suffice to respond to the questionnaires made available). We've also developed a new type of template specially designed to work with Privacy-hubs: data processing project creation templates that will allow you to transform responses directly into a processing project in Dastra with just a few clicks.
  • 📊 Customized reporting: we're currently developing a powerful reporting module that will enable you to analyze your register data with an infinite number of possibilities (metrics, dimensions, selection, groupings, etc.).

We hope you enjoy this new version of Dastra, and look forward to seeing you soon.

The Dastra team 🧑‍🚀

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