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"Not to prepare is to prepare for failure," said Benjamin Franklin. To avoid getting your organization stuck in a reactive mode where incidents of non-compliance with the GDPR would be managed only after the fact, and not prevented and prevented a priori, nothing better than good preparation. We therefore offer a range of services, support offers and targeted subscriptions in order to meet your professional data protection needs in a personalized manner.

360° support for your compliance

Our team of experts will accompany you throughout the year, from getting started to coaching.

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Quick and painfree set-up

Have you created an account on Dastra and want to customize it to your organization, without having to do it yourself? Customize your workspaces, integrate existing ones, configure security... We'll walk you through the first steps in a personalized way in addition to the default wizard so you can focus on your real added value.

A launch pack to accelerate your ROI

Take advantage of your Dastra subscription to inject new momentum into your data protection programs. Train yourself and everyone involved in using the platform through a series of training workshops uniquely designed to give you the best possible return on investment.

Dedicated coaching throughout your subscription

Get long-term support from our CNIL-certified coaches who provide expertise and efficiency in your compliance projects. Get regular meetings to review your projects, discuss any difficulties and access best practices and avenues for improvement. Benefit from an outside view and practice continuous improvement.

Additional services throughout the year

Remote training

Train your operational staff and business teams in Dastra data protection. Involve your entire organization, educate non-experts, and spread a culture of accountability for data management.

Compliance audit

Conduct audits of your website for compliance with cookies and other trackers (ePrivacy). Verify your compliance and test your organization's ability to deal with crisis situations.


Put data protection at the heart of your IT processes. Build interfaces between your systems and integrate compliance rules such as cookie consent into your web environment.

A small step for DPOs, a big step for data protection is free to try, easy to set up, and work seamlessly together.

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