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With its multidisciplinary team, expert and recognized in the field of collaboration, GDPR compliance, data strategy and web development, Dastra is the most simple and flexible collaborative compliance solution on the market. By choosing Dastra, you ensure compliance with most of the GDPR requirements, while simplifying internal processes involving the actors of personal data and saving time.

A simple and guided interface

To focus on the essentials and empower your business, Dastra was designed to facilitate the work of all operational staff within the business lines: step by step, your data controllers follow your shared action plan with management rules highly configurable, initiate the actions notified to them, ask the right questions and become autonomous in bringing their processing into compliance.

The most flexible collaborative data protection tool

With Dastra, you can manage and export your entire compliance action plan with a single click, and easily notify the community of the data of the work that remains to be done. Because each company has its own way of working, the collaborative tool integrated in Dastra has been built as flexible as possible to meet your compliance challenges in project mode as well as your daily challenges of maintaining compliance.

A data-centric approach

Rather than always going to look for where the information is, we think that finely mapping your company's personal data via interconnected repositories is an essential step towards optimizing your processes. Thanks to an integrated, open and configurable platform combining your own repositories with those of the CNIL and other external suppliers, you will be able to govern the personal data of your company in collaboration with your Chief Data Officer, the support functions and the trades of your business, while saving operational time.

A small step for DPOs, a big step for data protection

Dastra.eu is free to try, easy to set up, and work seamlessly together.

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