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6 use cases to enhance GDPR
in the age of the data strategy

Stuck between the lack of resources, the sustained workload and the lack of interest of their employees, data protection professionals are increasingly turning to tools to help them in their missions and take advantage of the many operational advantages resulting from the implementation of GDPR compliance: record data processing activities, analyze the risks, empower their organization, set up the processes for managing requests for the exercise of rights, collecting cookie consent or even document data breaches.

Faced with this challenge, all tools are not created equal. Too many DPOs still fail to equip themselves with the right instruments to meet their flexibility, productivity, governance and collaboration requirements which characterize this complex and cross-functional profession. So the question is, how can DPOs meet regulatory requirements, save time on a daily basis and contribute to value creation for their entire organization, all in the same time?

Through 6 concrete use cases, this document aims to illustrate how the choice of a tool can play a decisive role in the success of an ambitious data strategy. Good reading !